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There are
millions of us!

We support women with children, who are suffered from military activities.

About project "Mother and child"

«Women and children, elderly people and disabled persons have suffered more seriously, because all they are the at-risk population groups», — the general director of the IOM Antonio Viterino said.

As per the IOM data, the percentage of internally displaced persons has grown up to 17.5% in the total quantity of the Ukrainians - so every sixth person has become the in-migrate.

Following the last research, conducted  in the period of the 11-17-th of April, not less 60% of the internally displaced persons is women.

Notably, the more than half of the internally displaced persons said about the lack of some food. Also 28% of families with children, aged up to five years, faced with problems how to take sufficient quantity of food for their children.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine and because of the above mentioned reasons the charitable foundation “ZELENA KRAYINA”has made put on hold its activities in the frame of the main project, aimed to protect Ukrainian forests.


Now our Foundation is reorienting our forces to work in the frame of new projects, aimed to organize the active help for people, mainly, mothers with children, elderly people and disabled people, who are happened to live and stay in the high-intensity battlefield areas. They need food, medications, warm clothes and necessities of life.

We are starting the fund-raising for products and medications buying. Also we are organize the logistic system for supporting of goods delivery from the USA, Germany and Poland.

4.3 million

children were displaced as a result of the war


children aged from 6 до 23 months need the special food supplement

15 million

of the Ukrainians need the urgent humanitarian help

About us

The charitable foundation “ZELENA KRAYINA” is the non-profit organization, aimed to protect Ukrainian forests, to save forest from total destructive logging, to develop and apply CO2 emission minimization approaches.

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