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Help and take the part in our activities!

Following the last research, conducted  in the period of the 11-17-th of April, not less 60% of the internally displaced persons is women.

What to do to help?

The project "Mother and Child" is acting exclusively on the voluntary basis.

Our foundation is a non-profitable organization and acts as the communicative platform between ones, who need help, and ones, who are ready to give it and support.

You can support the project financially, all the given donates will be used for the needs of women, mothers and children, who suffered from the Russian invasion.

About support and donation procedure:

1. First of all, we buy products and goods as per the needs list.

2. We assign all goods, given as humanitarian help, in accordance with the needs list, pre-pack them and, as necessary, store in suitable places.

3. We deliver and distribute humanitarian goods and products in the determined regions, areas and zones, which at the moment are on the brink of the humanitarian crisis. The delivery ways are dynamic and changeable, based on the military activities development in Ukraine.

4. We give timely and transparently reporting of all our activities. It is publically and accessible on all our media-resources.

Infant hygiene means

Napkins, nappies, wet wipes.

Infant food

Baby milk powders

Juices, water, beverages

Groats and so on

Woman hygiene means

Food and water

Toys and clothes for children

Games for different ages.

On-season clothing sets.

Generators and fuel

In the places of temporary stay and places without power supply.


Support the UNICEF for creation of the mobile study training teams.

Medical equipment for the perinatal centers.

Ambulatory oxygen, pedobarometers, protective suites, masks and gloves.

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